Welcome to conda-devenv’s documentation!


With conda-devenv, we help you manage software dependencies across Linux, Windows, and macOS operating systems using a single conda dependency file environment.devenv.yml instead of multiple environment.yml files.

See example below:

name: mylib

  - cmake
  - eigen
  - pip:
    - sphinx
  - gxx_linux-64=7.3.0  # [linux]
  - ccache              # [unix]
  - clcache             # [win]

    - $CONDA_PREFIX/include           # [unix]
    - $CONDA_PREFIX/Library/include   # [win]


By executing:

conda devenv

in the root of the project directory, an environment.yml file is produced. We can now activate the conda environment mylib as follows:

conda activate mylib

This will not only resolve the dependencies for the current operating system, but also set environment variables CPATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH to the list of paths specified in the environment.devenv.yml file. Note, however, that LD_LIBRARY_PATH will only be set in Linux and macOS (Unix) whereas CPATH will be set differently in Linux and macOS compared to Windows.

Continue reading to learn more about the full capabilities of conda-devenv!

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